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    Age of Sigmar Weekly Game Day

    September 5, 2016

    From the maelstrom of a sundered world, the Eight Realms were born. The formless and the divine exploded into life. Strange, new worlds appeared in the firmament, each one gilded with spirits, gods and men. Noblest of the gods was Sigmar. For years beyond reckoning he illuminated the realms, wreathed in light and majesty as he carved out his reign. His strength was the power of thunder. His wisdom was infinite. Mortal and immortal alike kneeled before his lofty throne. Great empires rose and, for a while, treachery was banished. Sigmar claimed the land and sky as his own and ruled over a glorious age of myth. The Age of Sigmar had begun.


    With the imminent end of our Age of Sigmar Beginners League, we’ll be transitioning to a regular weekly game day each Sunday in the store. The League helped to grow a significant community of gamers in a very short time and we’re really glad to see folks enjoying the new points-based rules offered in the recently-released General’s Handbook. Our weekly game day will give Age of Sigmar players priority on our tables for casual or competitive battles and you can bet we’ll all be chatting about our armies and enjoying the building and painting time, besides.

    And during the rest of the week you can stay in touch with the community by joining our dedicated AoS Facebook Page, which is a great way to meet the current gang, ask rules questions, show off pictures of your figures, and schedule games. So get ready to throw down and dive headfirst into the Age of Sigmar – the dawning of a new age!

    Every Sunday 12-5pm
    Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Open Game Days
    It’s time to pick a side; the war has begun!