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    Star Wars X-Wing Epic Battle Event

    September 9, 2016

    Are you ready for a battle of Epic proportions in the Star Wars universe? This Saturday, September 10th 4-7pm, we’ll be hosting a special Star Wars: X-Wing Epic Battle Tournament! The Rebels and Imperials clash yet again, but with resources thin, both have hired any willing guns they can to their side, calling on bounty hunters and the scum of the galaxy in the hopes of getting the advantage they need.

    Players will be split into two teams, Rebels and Imperials, with Scum players joining whichever side has the fewest number. We’ll be using a modified version of the Epic format tournament rules. The winner of this all-out death match will be the player to destroy the most total points as pilots and squads everywhere compete for glory and renown.

    Entry is $10 and each player must bring a 75-point list of ships that are legal in an Epic game. The winner will take home a new ship valued upon the number of players participating in the event!

    Star Wars: X-Wing Epic Battle Event
    Saturday, September 10th, 4-7pm
    Search your feelings. You know it to be true!