Warhammer 40K Kill Team Event

No strength in numbers. No margin for error. Pure, fast-paced combat where tactics matter more than brute strength, and every action matters. A single shot can spell the difference between life and death, and a single decision can decide whether a battle ends in glorious victory or dismal defeat: this is Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.

Coming up next Tuesday, September 27th 6-10pm, we’ll be showing off the awesomeness of the new Kill Team starter box for Warhammer 40,000. Kill Team is essentially a small-scale skirmish version of 40K where players bring a compact team of specialists to the table for a quick and explosive battle. It’s a great way to play Warhammer 40K for new players and veterans alike, and a game can be played in an hour or less with a fairly minimal model count.

As the army size is so small, force selection is a huge part of Kill Team and models must be chosen carefully. Each player may spend up to 200 points on their Kill Team, which is chosen from a single codex or codex supplement. It also must adhere to the special Kill Team Detachment organization listed in the KT rulebook (we’ll have one of those on-hand for folks to use).

We’ll be running players through the new rules and firing off quick battles through the evening alongside our regular 40K battle night. Drop in with your battle-brethren and give it a shot!

Warhammer 40K Kill Team Event
Tuesday, September 27th 6-10pm
Brutal close-quarters combat in the 41st Millennium!