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    Agricola Board Game Day

    October 5, 2016

    We’re spending the afternoon of this Saturday, October 8th 1-4pm creating some board gaming fun by taking our regular Gotta-Play demo to the next level! We’ll be showing off Agricola, a strategic Euro-style board game that deals with farming in the 17th century. It’s a fantastic worker placement game that’s suitable for solo play or up to four players, and the pieces are really, really pretty.

    The demonstration will feature a bunch of free give-aways and some fun introductory sessions of the new Mayfair version of Agricola. We’re also offering new copies of both the Revised Edition and the Family Edition of the game at a 10% discount during the entire length of the demo. Stop by for a full game or hop in a quick round while you’re shopping on Fourth Street. We’ll be gathered ’round the table ready to go!

    Feeding your family is a special kind of challenge and players plant grain and vegetables while supplementing their food supply with sheep, boar and cattle. Guide your family to health, wealth and prosperity and you will win the game! 


    Agricola Board Game Demo Day
    Saturday, October 8th, 1-4pm
    It’s a farmer’s life for us!