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    Gotta-Play Games Line-Up November 2016

    November 2, 2016



    Our Gotta-Play series is a regular spotlight on particular games that we think are exceptionally fun and that we believe everybody should try, whether brand-new or old classic. On most every Saturday afternoon and now on Thursday evenings we’ll have a game laid out on one of our tables, and we’ll be offering free demonstrations and a chance for you to give it a shot.

    If you try it and find that you simply must have a copy, we’ll be offering a 10% discount on that title through the demo period. So it’s great way to build up your library of the very best games we have in the store – while saving a few bucks along the way!

    Each month’s games will be announced at the end of the previous month, so make sure you check the calendar for all the latest info. We also try our best to post reviews for many of the Gotta-Play games that we host, and you can check out the archive of them here.

    November’s Gotta-Play sessions are described below, and will be running on Saturday afternoons through the month @ 1-4 pm. The new line-up of Thursday evening demos will take place at our regular Board Game Nights @ 6-9 pm.

    Thursday, November 3rd
    Mayday Games

    Welcome to AssassinCon, the one time each year when all the cloaks and daggers gather to attend seminars on practical invisibility, and to browse the latest in ninja hoods. But the real action is in the games, sneaking silently through the shadowed corridors. Pursue as you are pursued; Knock Out your opponents one after another, round by round before they can Knock Out you. In this game, skill and strategy mean the difference between success and a truly heinous headache. Good Luck! and may the best Assassin win.
    Saturday, November 5th
    Blue Orange Games

    Enter a war of destructive construction where builders erect teetering towers that saboteurs try to smash with their demolishing dice! As the Master Builder, you must assemble your tower against the chaotic onslaught of catapults to try to get the most points. But come next round, you’ll be the saboteur behind the catapult creating catastrophe for your opponent builder. Will you build multiple towers against your enemies? Or will you try for the grand prize and master the Mega Tower? All ages will love this challenge of speed and precision mingled with some great destructive fun!
    Thursday, November 10th
    Betrayal at House on the Hill
    Wizards of the Coast

    In Betrayal at House on the Hill, each player chooses an explorer to investigate a creepy old house. As you explore the house, you discover new rooms. Each time you enter a new room, you might find something…or something might find you. Explorers change over the course of the game (for better or worse), depending on how they deal with the house’s surprises. When a Haunt is revealed, one explorer becomes a traitor bent on defeating his or her former companions. The rest of the explorers become heroes struggling to survive. From then on, the game is a fight between the traitor and the heroes—often to the death! 
    Saturday, November 12th
    Doctor Panic

    Is there a doctor in the house? How about nine? Enter the wackiest hospital you’ve ever seen in Doctor Panic, a dexterity-based, cooperative real-time game for two to nine players. You don’t need a medical license to play, but it might help—you and your team are working against the clock to save a patient’s life. It won’t be easy, but you’ve never given up on a challenge and you’re not about to start! In every game of Doctor Panic, teams of up to three doctors follow a soundtrack and work as fast as possible to complete their medical tests. Each game lasts only twelve minutes, but you’ll need every second to use your medical gear to complete the various procedures and save your patient.
    Thursday, November 17th
    4 Gods

    Grasp the power of a deity in the palm of your hand with 4 Gods, an upcoming world building and tile placement game. Designed by Christophe Boelinger, the creator of Archipelago, 4 Gods invites two to four players to collaborate in creating a new world together and then vie to wield the most divine influence over it. Unlike the majority of modern tile placement games, 4 Gods is played simultaneously. From the start of the game, you’ll be competing to quickly and correctly place tiles in the rapidly growing world, building vast seas, winding mountain ranges, thick forests, and arable plains.
    Saturday, November 19th
    Lucky Dogs
    Peaceable Kingdom

    Feeling lucky? Get ready to roll the dice and find out! In this cooperative dice game, players strategize together to match dice on the bone tiles to reveal the bones that spell LUCKY DOGS. Work together to reveal the words before you all end up in the doghouse! This dice game pushes your luck and encourages strategic thinking. Players enjoy working together to spell out Lucky Dogs as a team!
    Saturday, November 26th
    Holiday Gift Guide Game Day

    Today we’ll be showing off all the great picks from this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. If you’re keen to check out our choices for the best games of 2016, this is a great chance to stop by and get a personal demonstration of all the hits. We’ll have demo copies of our Gift Guide picks ready to get your hands on – all you need to do is come visit!
    Thursday, December 1st
    Smash Up

    In Smash Up players draft two faction decks, such as pirates, ninja, robots, zombies, and more, and combine them into a force to be reckoned with! It may sound simple, but how simple is it when the Zombie-Ninja deck Assassinates your minions then creates an Outbreak, loading the Base with minions from their discard pile? Each combination gives a different experience, Pirate-Aliens play very different than Pirate-Zombies, and with 8 factions in the base set there are 64 combinations to try out and every expansion set increases the options exponentially!