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    MTG Events in November

    November 3, 2016


    We’ve got quite the line-up of high-quality Magic: The Gathering events throughout the month of November! To make it easy for you to sync up your schedule with everything that’s happening at GSN, we’re listing out all of the dates and formats so you can pick and choose which ones you’d most like to attend. And yes, it’s okay if that’s ALL OF THEM.

    November Roster of Events & Releases

    Friday, November 4th – Booster Draft & Modern Constructed
    Saturday, November 5th – Open Commander Day
    Friday, November 11th – Booster Draft & Two-Headed Giant Draft
    Friday, November 11th – RELEASE for Commander 2016
    Saturday, November 12th – PPTQ Nashville
    Friday, November 18th – Booster Draft & Modern Constructed
    Friday, November 18th – RELEASE for Kaladesh Gift Boxes
    Sunday, November 20th – Grand Prix Trial San Jose
    Friday, November 25th – Booster Draft & Legacy Constructed
    Friday, November 25th – RELEASE for Planechase Anthologies
    Saturday, November 26th – Standard Showdown

    Also make sure to keep your eyes open for a new mini-series of constructed tournaments in late November and early December called Standard Showdowns. These events will be starting on Saturday, November 26th and will take place on four Saturdays through December 17th. In addition to the normal prize payout for strong tournament records, Wizards of the Coast will be supplementing the events with special booster packs that offer a chance for rares and mythics, or maybe even a Kaladesh Masterpiece!

    It’s going to be a pretty great November for Magic @ GSN!