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    Flames of War Caucasus Tournament

    November 21, 2016

    After the Winter counter-attacks of 1941, Hitler reconsidered his strategy for 1942. Oil reserves were low, Soviet High Command had moved the bulk of their forces to the expected battle areas of Moscow and Leningrad, and lend-lease was beginning to flow through Iran to Russia. Given these factors, a summer campaign to capture the oil rich Caucuses and block the lend-lease route from Iran made the most sense. A secondary attack would be needed towards Stalingrad to protect the flank of the attack towards the oilfields.

    On Sunday, December 4th the NorCal Flames of War Gaming Group will be hosting a special tournament at Gamescape North. This FoW Caucasus Tournament, run by Russell Moore, will be a 1500-point Mid-War Eastern Front event. We have enough room for 12 to 24 players evenly divided between German & Russian (Romanians are acceptable on the German side). Please send lists to Russ by Dec 1st for inclusion into the tournament. An entry fee of $10 will be collected upon arrival, and we’ll have a good amount of prize support on-hand for the winners.

    You can also check out the dedicated Facebook tournament page for more details and special rules concerning the event.

    NorCal Flames of War Caucasus Tournament
    Sunday, December 4th 10:00am to 8:00pm
    Join the battle on the Eastern Front!