Infinity Tournament

“For the past few weeks social sites on Maya have been inundated with what we believe was a joke, but as more and more have begun taking up the idea is now a risk of actually happening. The origins are being traced now to determine if this is another Backdoor-type social engineering manipulation meant simply meant to disrupt and stretch resources by the combined army, or a genuine poorly planned,  indigenous insurgency, or simply a joke that may end up going too far. Whatever it may be, the intelligence gathered so far indicates a loosely organized plot shared among various Helot circles that our military site, Area 52, holds some truth to their progenitors, and implores Helots and people alike to storm Area 52 to release its secrets. While the idea itself is ludicrous, with how widely this has proliferated, there is a growing risk some may act upon it and we will be forced to take action.”
-VIRD Briefing, Varuna.

Come join us on August 17th at Gamescape North in San Rafael, CA for our last ITS for Season 10.

Sign in will begin at 11am and first round will start at 12pm

PRICE: $10 Pre-Reg; $15 Day-Of

Please call ahead at least the day before to secure your spot and benefit from the pre-reg price.

2 army lists from the same faction or sectorial. Please bring a courtesy list and a regular list for both.

To preregister call: (415) 457-8698

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