Beholder Painting Competition

A long time ago, the staff of Gamescape held a competition to see who could paint the best rendition of the Reaper miniature “Parraway Ambercane, Gnome Druid”. The winning model is a delightful conversion with a slimy, hand-sculpted tongue flicking out into the air. It’s hard not to smile when you see it. his one-of-a-kind mini is still displayed in our miniature case. 

Original Reaper “Parraway Ambercane, Gnome Druid”
Winning Conversion

This competition was the inspiration for next month’s painting competition. This time around, the competition is open to everyone. We’ll be using one of my favorite miniatures to come out in the last couple of years: the Wizkids D&D Beholder.

We have a stockpile of beholders on reserve for the contest (it’s only $4.99, can you believe it?!) or feel free to enter one you already own!

Now, to make things more interesting, we are having two categories: the first will be open (use any paints and techniques you like), the second category will be for entries painted only with the new Citadel Contrast Paints!

There is no entry fee and you may drop off your completed miniature any time before September 7th when judging begins.

The models will be displayed for a week in which time any and all are welcome to check out the entries and vote for their favorites! The winner will be announced on September 14th. The winning painters will receive a one-of-a-kind trophy to celebrate their victory!

So come on down, test some new paints, try out some new techniques, and have some fun!

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