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  • December Designer Demo Days 2016

    November 29, 2016


    Amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, it’s always nice to take a moment to enjoy yourself. What better way then checking out a new game? We’ve got you covered this year, like every year. While we’re stocking our store with a ton of great items for the holiday season, we’ve also organized a number of events in December at which you can meet the creators of some really awesome products right here at Gamescape. All through the month, we’ll be getting visits from a few local game designers and manufacturers who will have tables set up in the store to show you their wares. We’ll also be showing off a few of our Holiday Gift Guide picks ourselves. You can give something new a try, learn a bit about the design process, or even get a game or two signed. Check out our featured designer visits and demos below and synch up your shopping days with our December Designer Days – and you can bet that we’ll have plenty of all of these in stock just in case you like what you see!

    Peaceable Kingdom
    Saturday, December 3rd 1-4pm

    At the forefront of the cooperative game movement for years, Peaceable Kingdom has a great mission statement: Make good, do good, be good! Using sustainable materials and working with independent designers and illustrators is only part of that mission. Focusing on cooperative games helps to emphasize play rather than competition is another important component. They strive to help build connection between players with great co-op titles for kids like Hoot Owl Hoot! and Stone Soup. And Fish Stix brings a perpetual smile to the faces of everyone who plays it. This year we’re very pleased to welcome Peaceable Kingdom into the store for an afternoon of great game demos.

     Blue Orange Games
    Saturday, December 10th 1-4pm

    The fine folks over at Blue Orange have consistently been creating wonderful, super-fun games for kids and adults, and this year has seen some of their best. In addition to the wildly-popular Yamslam and Pengoloo games, they’ll be bringing playable copies of their entire line, including GobbletFroggie BoogieBattle SheepDouble Shutter, and Gigamons – and maybe even some giant-sized versions, as well! Of special note this year are the games included in our gift guide: Dr. Eurkea and Brix. Blue Orange has been one of our favorite companies for years, and we always enjoy spending time with them, whether it’s playing games or playtesting them.

      SusanFest! – Demos with Susan McKinley Ross
    Saturday, December 17th 1-4pm

    The highlight of the holiday season for us is the yearly visit from Susan to demo her latest game. Fans of Qwirkle, Color Stix, and Skippity will know that her games are elegant, easy to learn, and totally addictive. This year, Susan has brought us a brand new release called Lucky Dogs, which is a fantastic co-operative strategic dice game published by Peaceable Kingdom! Don’t miss a chance to meet the delightful designer of some of our favorite games in the store!

    The Game Doctor is IN!
    Thursday, December 29th 6-11pm

    Want to learn something you nabbed for the holidays but need some help with the rules? The Game Doctor will be on hand to help you out all through the evening! GSN invites you to come down to the store for a special learn-to-play event, where our staff will be on hand to answer any lingering rules or mechanics questions you might have about the games you got as prezzies. It’s free and fun, and represents part of what we do pretty much every Thursday at our regular Board Game Night. Don’t forget to book an appointment with our game medics!

    The Very Best Games of 2016!

    November 23, 2016

    You already know that we’ve got great game suggestions for you when you need them; we always look forward to the holidays as a time when we get to tell you about all the incredible stuff that has come out during the year. So once again, we’ve spent long hours playing and assessing a number of fabulous choices from a variety of categories that will help you decide what should go at the top of your holiday shopping list. It was hard work, playing all these games for you, but the results are worth it, and hopefully it will make your crunch time less crunchy.

    Click on the picture below to download a .pdf version of our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, or you’re welcome to stop by the store for a glossy, lovely print copy to thumb through. And keep in mind that these suggestions are only the very tip of the iceberg. We’ve got you covered, regardless of what’s in the pink section this year. So don’t be afraid to give us a call or stop in and let us guide you in the right direction for the best games of the year!

    Flames of War Caucasus Tournament

    November 21, 2016

    After the Winter counter-attacks of 1941, Hitler reconsidered his strategy for 1942. Oil reserves were low, Soviet High Command had moved the bulk of their forces to the expected battle areas of Moscow and Leningrad, and lend-lease was beginning to flow through Iran to Russia. Given these factors, a summer campaign to capture the oil rich Caucuses and block the lend-lease route from Iran made the most sense. A secondary attack would be needed towards Stalingrad to protect the flank of the attack towards the oilfields.

    On Sunday, December 4th the NorCal Flames of War Gaming Group will be hosting a special tournament at Gamescape North. This FoW Caucasus Tournament, run by Russell Moore, will be a 1500-point Mid-War Eastern Front event. We have enough room for 12 to 24 players evenly divided between German & Russian (Romanians are acceptable on the German side). Please send lists to Russ by Dec 1st for inclusion into the tournament. An entry fee of $10 will be collected upon arrival, and we’ll have a good amount of prize support on-hand for the winners.

    You can also check out the dedicated Facebook tournament page for more details and special rules concerning the event.

    NorCal Flames of War Caucasus Tournament
    Sunday, December 4th 10:00am to 8:00pm
    Join the battle on the Eastern Front!

    Warhammer 40K Kill Team Assassins Event

    November 18, 2016

    Coming up on Sunday, November 27th 12-6pm, we’ll be hosting an event we’re calling Assassins, a special scenario for 40K Kill Team. Kill Team is essentially a small-scale skirmish version of 40K where players bring a compact team of specialists to the table for a quick and explosive battle. It’s a great way to play Warhammer 40K for new players and veterans alike, and a game can be played in an hour or less with a fairly minimal model count.

    Players should bring two armies to the event. The first is a 500-point Kill Team built as per the Kill Team rulebook organization. The second is a 1000-point army built under normal army construction rules. Each player will play two matches against their opponents. Matches in Assassins consist of one player’s Kill Team attempting to eliminate an HQ unit (known as a Target) in their opponent’s 1000-point army. At the conclusion of the first game, players’ roles will swap with the other player’s Kill Team trying to eliminate its enemy’s Target.

    Notes: This mission is not perfectly balanced. While Kill Teams will receive special bonuses, they are at a major points disadvantage. This is meant to be a fun and challenging mission for the Kill Teams, so please keep this in mind as we play. Entry to the event is free, so you’ve really got nothing to lose!

    Restrictions: Kill Teams must be built using the force organization in the Kill Team rulebook (2 Troop, 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack). This includes no 2+ save, no models with more than 3 wounds, and no combined armor values of 34 or higher. Kill Teams cannot use Deep Strike in this mission. A player’s 100-point Target army may not include Superheavies or Gargantuan creatures, and it must include an HQ unit or a Infantry-type Lord of War.

    Warhammer 40K Kill Team Assassins Event
    Sunday, November 27th 12-6pm
    Brutal close-quarters combat in the 41st Millennium!

    Infinity Demo Day

    November 15, 2016

    This Saturday, November 19th 12-5pm, get a chance to come learn how to play one of our favorite miniatures games of all time. Infinity has everything a minis skirmish game needs to be great. The rules are easy to play but offer very deep strategy choices. Army lists have a tantalizing number of options. Constant overwatch for each figure means both players are constantly involved in the game. And the miniatures themselves are simply gorgeous! Let us show you why we think this is simply one of the best games of its kind on the market.


    We’ll have two tables set up with small intro forces available for folks to try. If players already know the game and want to set up other casual matches, we can also offer space for them. Games are short and deadly, so we’ll be able to play through numerous introductory sessions through the afternoon. Drop in for a single match or hang out for the entire demo. Either way, hope to see you on the battlefield!

    Saturday, November 19th 12-5pm
    Infinity Demo Day
    The best sci-fi skirmish game ever!


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