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    Gotta-Play Games!

    May 18, 2011


    In celebration of the extended duration of our Board Game Night, we’ve decided to put into effect what we’re calling the Gotta-Play Game Demo: a weekly spotlight on games that we think are exceptionally fun and that we believe everybody should try. Each week, we’ll post the games we’ll be teaching at Thursday’s Board Game Night, as well as a short description and the number of spots open to players. Sign-up lists will be on the forum under the organizer’s initial post. You may sign-up by posting there with your full name or by contacting the store so we may add you to the list.

    Games will be announced the week previous to their presentation, so make sure you check the forum often for all the latest info. You can even subscribe to the Board Game Night board for instant notifications by e-mail!

    The first Gotta-Play sessions are described below, and are set for this Thursday, May 19th @6:30pm.


    Operation: Tannhäuser
    Organizer: Mike O’Brien (2-10 spots available)

    In the year 1949, the Great War still rages. The Nazi occult division, the Obscura Korps, has uncovered an ancient and mysterious artifact that shows them the location of one of the four Cardinal Cornerstones. These cornerstones of reality have the potential to open a gateway to Hell. In response, General Patton has dispatched a select group of individuals to deal with this unparalleled threat. 2-10 players will take on the role of either the Army of the Union or the German Obscura Korps to either prevent or usher in the destruction of the world.

    Carson City
    Organizer: Andre Sisneros (2-5 spots available)

    Carson City is a strategic game that is played in four rounds. In a round, each player chooses a character (there are seven available) that gives certain advantages. After that, meeples are placed on the board’s action fields in order to build and populate Carson City. Players can claim ground, erect special buildings and houses, or construct roads. When there are several players on one action field, a duel is fought to determine the winner. During play, money (used to build) and victory points can be earned, all while managing and balancing multiple resources. The player who earns most victory points wins the game. Carson City has elements of Caylus and Puerto Rico combined. You gotta give it a try!