Special RPG Workshop

I Attack the Darkness is a community of tabletop gamers spanning the greater Bay Area. Their mission is to spread the love of tabletop gaming by creating an open and inclusive community welcoming towards all people and all experience levels. We’re really excited to be hosting the good folks from this group for an all-day workshop on Saturday, October 29th, which includes round-table seminars and one-shot adventures.

The seminars are geared for beginners, but they work equally well for those who just want to sharpen their RPG skills a bit. Their one-shot adventures are open seating, non-organized (IAtD are not official Adventure League) play aimed at community building, networking, giving everyone a chance to play (or GM!), as well as trying out new/unfamiliar game systems and potentially finding ongoing, regular gaming groups. IAtD GMs run tables on a volunteer basis, and as such, the systems and editions run at a particular event may vary. Here’s the line-up of great things in store through the day:

Seminar #1 – D&D/d20 101
Our D&D/d20 101 event is intended to be a crash-course in playing D&D and other d20 style tabletop RPGs by running a simplified adventure in a pressure-free, no-judgement atmosphere. We aim to teach players the basics they will need to sit down at any edition of D&D and most other d20 style systems and get by.

Seminar #2 – GM/DM 101
Our GM/DM 101 event is intended to be a roundtable discussion and workshop to support Dungeon Masters and Game Masters of all kinds. We discuss pertinent issues, share thoughts and ideas, troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing, and otherwise be supportive of the tremendous creative efforts Game/Dungeon Masters put into bringing alive the worlds we adventure in.

Villains and Vigilantes 2nd Ed – GM: Paul R.
Dastardly villainous villains strike again! Hurry, noble heroes! Don your cape, mask, and sense of justice, for the fate of the world lies in your hands!

D&D 4th Ed – GM: Selena Nadav
The barbarian clans of Bear and Wolf have been warring for generations; a blood feud so old, it has passed from living memory to a simple way of life. Hamlet, the small trading village between the clans’ ancestral lands, has borne the brunt of this feud for years. But Mayor Barnaby has a solution. Through years of diplomatic and financial interaction he has arranged a marriage between Chieftain Bear’s daughter and Shaman Wolf’s son. Yet it seems nothing can go right! The day before the wedding, problems persist as the dowry and caterers have vanished. Desperate, the Mayor has asked for any help he can get.

D&D 4th Ed – GM: Tamir Nadav
After an enjoyable evening at a local tavern, your group casually mentioned plans to head south through the town of Roanore. To your surprise, a deadening hush echoed through the room, all voices muted and eyes wide. A nearby patron whispers to you that the townsfolk of Roanore have mysteriously vanished, and horrible reports of screams, violence, curses and sights of monstrosities are all that remains. Being noble warriors, you steel your resolve and, after a good night’s rest, make your way to get answers.

D&D 5th Ed – GM: Chris
Danger is abound and the lands are fraught with peril. While the world has never been so grim, it has also never had such a need for heroes. So drain your tankards and loosen those scabbards and descend into “The Darkness in the Valley!”
Things get started on Saturday, October 29th at 11am and the event will run until the store closes at 7pm. You’re welcome to stay for some or all of it. The entire workshop is free for everyone, so come on down and join the discussion and the fun!