Kill Team Elites Tournament

Stop by Sunday, August 25th to participate in a 200 point Kill Team Campaign Tournament! If you have not had a chance to playtest the new Kill Teams Elite rules, this is your opportunity! With expanded army options to include a variety of new units, we think it’s the way Kill Teams was meant to be played. So bring on your Terminators, and your Custodes, and test their mettle against the elite squads of 40K’s most iconic units.

For this Campaign style Tournament, Kill Teams will gain experience as described in the Kill Team Core Rulebook. Members of Kill Teams who are killed lose all accrued experience and skills but will be returned to their Team for the next game. Killzone Team Elites and Kill Team Leaders will be in use for these missions.

When: Sunday, August 25th. 12:30am-6:00pm.

Entry Fee: $10

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