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    Gamescape North is the prime gaming location in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. We carry a massive selection of non-electronic games of all sorts, including board games, role-playing, card games, miniatures, traditional games, and hobby supplies. We also feature a great selection of traditional games, puzzles, and wooden abstract strategy games. Gamescape North prides itself as a bustling hub of activity for our local gaming community, and we have a busy schedule of events, including demos, tournaments, open-gaming nights, and classes to offer our customers. Feel free to browse our calendar page, check out our community forum, or contact us for info on products, services, and community!

    Gamescape North’s Official Policy on Tolerance and Abuse

    Like many of our customers, the staff of Gamescape North grew up within the world of gaming – a very special sector of society that espoused distinctive characteristics of acceptance, enthusiasm, imagination, and tolerance. We learned these things from playing, and thereby learned how to play well with others. In creating the community space that GSN enjoys today, our mission has always been to uphold those venerable characteristics. To this end, the staff of GSN will always attempt to provide a safe space for anyone who wishes to respectfully use it – regardless of race, religion, gender, age, ability, sexual preference, or any combination of the above. Likewise, we will not tolerate abuse of any kind within the store, whether it be against customers or staff. We will always reserve the right to refuse service and entry to those who attempt to threaten our community or our livelihoods, and the final word is that our store is meant to be a haven for all good-natured comers, which we will defend to the very best of our ability.