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Designed by Sid Sackson


  • Ages 12+
  • 2-6 players
  • 45-120 minute playtime
  • 2.50/5 complexity
  • Economic
  • Territory Building
  • Hand Management
  • Tile Placement
  • Stock Holding


Plan, build, & own the world's next super city!

This is your chance to invest in what will surely be THE super city of our time. Saxon City is buzzing with promising start-ups in the entertainment, fashion, communications, energy, real estate, food, and travel industries. Make your fortune by founding, investing in, and merging the following companies—and expanding them into powerful corporations.

In Acquire, each player strategically invests in businesses, trying to retain a majority of stock. As the businesses grow with tile placements, they also start merging, giving the majority stockholders of the acquired business sizable bonuses, which can then be used to reinvest into other chains. All of the investors in the acquired company can then cash in their stocks for current value or trade them 2-for-1 for shares of the newer, larger business. The game is a race to acquire the greatest wealth.

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