Adventures in Middle-Earth: Eaves of Mirkwood & Loremaster's Screen

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The Eaves of Mirkwood and Loremaster's Screen is an invaluable accessory pack for the Loremaster, aimed to introduce players to Adventures in Middle-earth.

It contains:

  • The Eaves of Mirkwood: a 32-page adventure that makes a perfect introduction to Adventures in Middle-earth for new players, or a handy episode to drop into your existing campaign. The Company finds themselves setting out from Woodmen-town to travel through the Eaves of Mirkwood towards Lake-town. When the Journey goes awry they must draw swords in aid of a village beleaguered by the dreaded Greymuzzle Hob. Using cut down rules and offering lots of advice, Eaves of Mirkwood is a great starting point for your Adventures in Middle-earth.
  • A beautiful and functional four panel, heavyweight Loremaster’s Screen, featuring a collection of handy reference tables, to keep your games flowing seamlessly.
  • Six pre-generated characters.
  • Optional rules for the Warden and Scholar classes.
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