Ars Magica 5E: Lands of the Nile

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Lands of the Nile at a Glance

  • Explore Mythic Egypt, Ethiopia, and Nubia — a unique area where all magical practitioners are welcome — with this extensive Ars Magica sourcebook.
  • This region offers a melting pot of religious beliefs and ancient treasures. Can all of these various magics coexist peacefully?
  • Populate your saga with compelling characters, treasure-filled locations, and new magical traditions.

A Land of Many Gods: More about Lands of the Nile

All magi can find a place in the Mythic Nile region. Christians might settle in Nubia or Ethiopia. Muslims in Egypt. Treasure hunters might join the Guild of Seekers to plunder the ancient tombs. And those with darker concerns might seek the corpse magic of the Nubian pyramids…

Walk the shores of the Nile. Stroll the streets of ancient Cairo, solve the defenses of an ancient tomb, and learn the corpse magic of the Nubians. This supplement contains story seeds and resources to fuel your saga.

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