Catacombs: Cavern of Soloth Expansion

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Catacombs: Cavern of Soloth Expansion

Designed by Ryan Amos, Marc Kelsey, Aron West


Dwarves mining in the Scavewyrm Pit have brought back news that the mythical cavern of Soloth has been discovered. Although unexplored, it is rumored to contain exotic weapons and treasures from the reign of Soloth, the ancient Vampire Lord of the Underworld. Furthermore, sinister acolytes laboring in a forgotten labyrinth seek to reanimate Soloth's malevolent queen.

In the Catacombs: Cavern of Soloth expansion, four new heroes set out to confront this impending evil and prevent disaster.


*Not a standalone game - requires a copy of Catacombs: Third Edition to play.

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