Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles

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Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles

Designed by Richard Borg

  • Ages 14+
  • 2 players
  • 60 minute playtime
  • Wargame
  • Dice Rolling
  • Hand Management
  • Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game


The Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles game rules allow players to portray important engagements of Japanese history. The battles, included in the scenario booklet, focus on the historical deployment of forces and important terrain features in scale with the game system. The scale of the game is flexible and varies from battle to battle. For some scenarios, an infantry unit may represent an entire clan of soldiers, while in other scenarios a unit may represent just a few brave warriors.

The Command cards drive movement and creates a “fog of war” and presents players with many interesting challenges and opportunities, while the battle dice resolve combat quickly and efficiently. The Honor & Fortune game mechanic will task players to maintain a balance between these two important game elements. The Dragon Cards add an element of suspense and surprise that can bend the rules and instantly change the course of a battle. The battlefield tactics you will need to execute to gain victory, however, conform remarkably well to the strengths and limitations of the various Japanese unit types, their weapons, battle terrain, and written history.



  • 1 C&C Samurai Rulebook
  • 1 Samurai Scenario Booklet (around 40 battle scenarios)
  • 1 Mounted Battlefield Game Board (12 hexes by 11 hexes)
  • 45 Terrain Tiles double-sided
  • 30 Honor & Fortune Tokens double-sided
  • 18 Victory Banner Counters double-sided
  • 60 Samurai Command Cards
  • 40 Dragon Cards
  • 12 Battle Dice
  • 2 Unit Summary Sheets
  • 316 Blocks
  • 5 Block and Dice Label Sheets
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