Cosmic Colonies

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Cosmic Colonies

Designed by Scott Almes

  • Drafting
  • Pattern Building
  • Tile Placement
  • Polyominoes


Asteroids blast through the cosmos... each one packed with possibilities. 

One may be your perfect new home, but it takes a stellar team to build a cosmic colony.

Players must leverage their workers’ unique abilities to gather resources and construct new buildings while cleverly expanding their colonies. Each round brings new opportunities—and new talent. Your old workers will blast off to other players, while their workers orbit around to join your team! 

Using clever planning you can build the best celestial city to shine the brightest in Cosmic Colonies!



  • 96 Building Tiles
  • 5 Score Markers
  • 1 Wooden Round Marker
  • 60 Plastic Resource Tokens (15 x 4 Types)
  • 20 2 x Resource Tokens
  • 20 Basic Worker Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • 20 Advanced Worker Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • Double-sided Main Board
  • 5 Double-sided Asteroid Boards
  • 5 Private Objective Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • 1 Solo Mode Asteroid Board
  • 14 Solo Mode Worker Cards (63 x 88.5mm)
  • Rulebook
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