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  • Djeco Diamoniak
  • Djeco Diamoniak


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Ages 5+
2-4 players
15 minute playtime

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Designed by Grégory Kirszbaum, Alex Sanders

  • Ages 5+
  • 2-4 players
  • 15 minute playtime
  • Card Game
  • Push Your Luck
  • Set Collection


Introduce a young gamer to their first push-your-luck game! Draw cards to construct a castle—but if you get too greedy, you might encounter a witch and lose cards instead. Build your castle before witches arrive and attack you!

In Diamoniak, players race to complete their castle by collecting six matching castle cards. 

To start, all the cards are shuffled and placed face down in a single deck. Players take turns drawing cards from the top of this draw pile. If a player picks up a 'castle' card, they place it in front of them, marking the beginning of a castle in the color of that particular card. If another player is already building a castle in that color, the castle card is placed to the side to be discarded or sold later in the game. After having picked up a castle card, the player may choose to draw another card from the pile, or pass their turn.

There are many types of cards that can be drawn in the game, each with a unique effect. Diamond cards can be used to buy castle cards from other players. Witch cards are bad luck! They cause you to discard cards you have collected, including your castle cards! But Fairy cards can be used to counter witches.

Play continues until a player manages to complete their castle by collecting all 6 cards of the same color.


*Piratatak implements the same core mechanics but replaces the fantasy theme with a pirate theme.

Designer: Alex Sanders / Designer: Grégory Kirszbaum

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