Infinity Tournament

“For the past few weeks social sites on Maya have been inundated with what we believe was a joke, but as more and more have begun taking up the idea is now a risk of actually happening. The origins are being traced now to determine if this is another Backdoor-type social engineering manipulation meant simply meant to disrupt and stretch resources by the combined army, or a genuine poorly planned,  indigenous insurgency, or simply a joke that may end up going too far. Whatever it may be, the intelligence gathered so far indicates a loosely organized plot shared among various Helot circles that our military site, Area 52, holds some truth to their progenitors, and implores Helots and people alike to storm Area 52 to release its secrets. While the idea itself is ludicrous, with how widely this has proliferated, there is a growing risk some may act upon it and we will be forced to take action.”
-VIRD Briefing, Varuna.

Come join us on August 17th at Gamescape North in San Rafael, CA for our last ITS for Season 10.

Sign in will begin at 11am and first round will start at 12pm

PRICE: $10 Pre-Reg; $15 Day-Of

Please call ahead at least the day before to secure your spot and benefit from the pre-reg price.

2 army lists from the same faction or sectorial. Please bring a courtesy list and a regular list for both.

To preregister call: (415) 457-8698

April Events!

April will be here soon and we have some great events scheduled!
At the end of the month, we will be celebrating the release of the newest Magic the Gathering set; War of the Spark. With a Planeswalker guaranteed in each booster pack, this set is looking to be a whole lot of fun! The pre-release for War of the Spark will be Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th. We will have a limited number of Booster Boxes and Planeswalker decks for sale at both Pre-Releases.
By popular demand, we will be expanding our Keyforge tournament series to twice a month! We will be hosting Constructed Events on April 7th and the 21st.
In the world of RPG’s we have two great events coming up for April. On April 20th we will be hosting the excellent RPG group I Attack the Darkness. Offering a variety of one-shots and seminars, this is a great opportunity to check out some great RPG’s and improve your skills as a player or GM, while having a lot of fun. Second, on April 27th we will be running a demo of the new Warhammer 40k RPG Wrath and Glory. Seats will be limited, if you are interested talk with the store to reserve seat.
Sunday April 21st we will be hosting our first Pokemon TCG pre-release for the new set: Unbroken Bonds. The event will start at 12:00pm. There are only 20 seats available, so if you are interested sign up early!
Last but not least, we will be running an Infinity Tournament on Saturday, April 20th. This will be a 300 point tournament. Give the store a call to reserve yourself a seat.
That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of March!

March Events

March is here and we have and we have some great special events coming up this month.
March 16th and 17th we will be hosting Magic the Gathering M25 Drafts. This is the newest set in the Masters product line and looks to be a lot of fun to draft.
On March 18th we will be having a Legend of the Five Rings LCG constructed tournament.
On March 25th we will be hosting a demo day for Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire. If you have a copy of the game and have never had a chance to play or are just interested in checking it out come on down and try it out.
On Saturday March 31st, I attack the Darkness will return with a fantastic day of RPG seminars and games.
Last but certainly not least April will see the start of our Blood Bowl League. On March 10th and 24th we will have build knights for Blood Bowl. At these events players can build, Paint and talk strategy about Blood Bowl. Demo’s will also be available on theses days.

Unstable Is Back

Unstable Icon
Goblins, Contraptions, Squirrels and Spies.
One of our favorite Magic sets from 2017 is back! Unstable is now back in stock and ready to draft. Starting on Friday, February 23rd we will begin hosting drafts for Unstable starting at 6pm. We also have boxes and booster packs available for purchase.
Drafts will be starting at 6:00pm with a cost of 15 dollars. Prizes will be pack per win (for each round that a player wins, they will receive one booster at the end of the event).

RPG Workshop and More!

Back by popular demand! I Attack the Darkness is a community of tabletop gamers spanning the greater Bay Area. Their mission is to spread the love of tabletop gaming by creating an open and inclusive community welcoming towards all people and all experience levels. We’re really excited to be hosting the good folks from this group for an all-day workshop on Saturday, January 21st, which includes round-table seminars and one-shot adventures.

The seminars are geared for beginners, but they work equally well for those who just want to sharpen their RPG skills a bit. Their one-shot adventures are open seating, non-organized (IAtD are not official Adventure League) play aimed at community building, networking, giving everyone a chance to play (or GM!), as well as trying out new/unfamiliar game systems and potentially finding ongoing, regular gaming groups. IAtD GMs run tables on a volunteer basis, and as such, the systems and editions run at a particular event may vary. Characters will be provided for all games. Here’s the line-up of great things in store through the day:

11am – Seminar #1 – D&D/d20 101
Our D&D/d20 101 event is intended to be a crash-course in playing D&D and other d20 style tabletop RPGs by running a simplified adventure in a pressure-free, no-judgement atmosphere. We aim to teach players the basics they will need to sit down at any edition of D&D and most other d20 style systems and get by.

11am – Seminar #2 – 11:00am – GM/DM 101
Our GM/DM 101 event is intended to be a roundtable discussion and workshop to support Dungeon Masters and Game Masters of all kinds. We discuss pertinent issues, share thoughts and ideas, troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing, and otherwise be supportive of the tremendous creative efforts Game/Dungeon Masters put into bringing alive the worlds we adventure in.

3pm – FATE Accelerated – GM: Nicky Silber
Four high school students have murdered their friend, and the Axeman knows! Now he’s out for blood and there’s no one to stop him but you! Can you make it out of Jefferson High alive, or will the police be collecting your corpses in body bags in the morning?BEWARE THE AXE! uses an adapted version of FATE Accelerated Edition and is based on 90’s slasher films.

3pm – FATE Core – GM: Paul Reed
Set in the “superpunk” world of Venture City, members of two super-gangs – while enjoying a rare peaceful gathering on neutral ground – discover a secret…a secret other supers are willing to kill for.

3pm – D&D 4th Ed – GM: Selena Nadav
Very sincerely sorry wizard seeks brave and very forgiving warriors to help correct unsuccessful experiment before all Hell breaks lose. Literally. Inquire at tower. Compensation negotiable.

My Bad,

3pm – D&D 4th Ed – GM: Tamir Nadav
It’s a quiet and peaceful day in Generictown, which is a nice change of pace. It seems that every other day, something horrible happens here, sending a random group of total strangers off on some adventure or heroic journey. Unfortunately for the poor citizens, that changes yet again this evening as a marauding group of bandits come to wreak havoc. Who will step up this time to bond together in unity, for at least a few hours?

Things get started on Saturday, January 21st at 11am and the event will run until the store closes at 7pm. You’re welcome to stay for some or all of it. The entire workshop is free for everyone, so come on down and join the discussion and the fun!