KEM Arrow Plastic Playing Cards Narrow Jumbo Text Paisley

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Kem Paisley Playing Cards: Bridge Size, Super Index 2-Deck Set.  Includes one red paisley deck and one blue paisley deck.  Bridge size cards measure 3.5 inches high x 2.25 inches wide.  Each deck includes two jokers - one red joker and one black joker.  In addition to being perfect for playing bridge, bridge size cards are great for any game which requires a player to hold a lot of cards in their hand such as Canasta.    Made in the USA of 100% plastic.

How to Choose Playing Card Size - All Kem Cards measure 3.5 inches high.  The width of the card changes based on the size.  
  • Poker Size -  Kem Poker Cards measure 2.5 inches wide.  Poker Size is the standard playing card size. Poker size is often referred to as wide size.  

  • Bridge Size - Kem Bridge Cards measure 2.25 inches wide.  Bridge cards are slightly narrower than poker size cards.  Bridge cards can be used for any card game.  
How to Choose the Index - The index refers to the size of the print of the card pips/card suits (A, 1, 2, 3...,) 
  • Standard or Regular Index - Normal Size Font
  • Super or Jumbo Index - Larger Easy to Read Font
  • Eurpoean Index - 4 Pip Index
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