MtG: Challenger Decks

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Each of these 60-card decks (with a 15-card sideboard) comes ready to play and is powerful enough to compete at any Friday Night Magic Event.

Choose from 4 unique decks:


Final Adventure- Black/Green

Playstyle: Flexible and Resilient

  • Get extra mileage out of adventures
  • Control the board


Allied Fires- Blue/Red/White

Playstyle: Patient and Explosive

  • Play a bunch of powerful Planeswalkers
  • Turn them into dragons to finish the fight


Cavalcade Charge- Red

Playstyle: Fast and Aggressive

  • Rush in with a ton of small creatures
  • Power them up to hit even harder


Flash of Ferocity- Green/Blue

Playstyle: Reactive and Unpredictable

  • Play on your opponent's turn
  • Powerful creatures continue to grow
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