MtG: Core 2021 Planeswalker Decks

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These five 60-card decks are ready to play, and each offers a distinctly different experience.

Each includes a deck box, a 60-card deck (play tabletop or online), one 15-card Core 2021 booster pack PLUS a strategy insert and 2 reference cards.

Choose from:


Savage Herald

Cursed no longer, Garruk is free to stalk the multiverse for the prey of his choosing. Overrun your opponent with a ceaseless stampede of really, really big creatures.

Playstyle: Green Stompy

  • Play big creatures
  • Play bigger creatures



Devoted Paladin

The entire multiverse has opened before Basri Ket, ready to test his unshakable ideals. Spread the hurt by permanently powering up an army of creatures that submit to no one.

Playstyle: Grow an Army

  • Play a bunch of creatures
  • Cover them in +1/+1 counters



Death Mage

Freed from her previous burdens, Liliana is prepared to take what is rightfully hers. In this case, it's your complete and utter victory fueled by a highly disposable army of undead.

Playstyle: Disposable Resources

  • Get rewarded when your creatures die
  • Bring them back to life



Timeless Voyager

A master of time magic, Teferi wields the lessons of the past to forge a better future. Clean your opponent's clock with an overwhelming number of resources.

Playstyle: Card Advantage

  • Draw lots of cards
  • Trigger abilities by drawing




Playstyle: Burn Spells Matter

  • Scorch your opponents
  • Watch your creatures grow
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