MtG: Kaldheim Collector Booster Pack

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Raid the Realms, Collect the spoils.

We've amassed the finest treasures from across the ten realms into Kaldheim Collector Boosters. Each booster contains 5 special alternate-frame cards, 11 premium foils, a foil token, and a combination of 5 Rares or Mythics. Show off your spoils with unique and exciting cards!


What's a Collector Booster?

A Collector Booster is the ultimate way to add unique and exclusive cards to your collection. Tons of foils, special card treatments, and more await you inside every pack. If you're looking for the coolest cards available, look no further.


*This listing is for single Kaldheim Collector booster packs. Each Kaldheim collector booster pack contains 15 randomly inserted game cards for Magic the Gathering.

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