In-Store Gaming: MtG Midnight Hunt Prerelease

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The Harvesttide Festival is on the horizon, and werewolves and warlocks roam! Join us to preview Innistrad; Midnight Hunt. 

We will be hosting a series of 2 Sealed Tournaments for the Prerelease of Midnight Hunt; the first on Friday, September 17th from 6:00pm - 10:00pm and the second on Saturday, September 18th from 6:00pm - 10:00pm. Players each crack open a Prerelease Pack, build a Sealed deck (including their Participation Promo!), and try out the set for the first time in a casual tournament.

Entry Requirements: 

  1. Players must be fully vaccinated to participate in the evening Prereleases. Click here to reserve a spot in one of our unvaccinated events.
  2. Players should be familiar enough with the rules of the game to construct a deck and play against an opponent.
  3. Please preregister for the new Wizards event software prior to the event.

Prizes: There will be prize support for this series in the form of booster packs.

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