PIXIO Magnetic Blocks

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PIXIO blocks come in six perfectly paired colors (black, white, red, green, yellow, and turquoise) let you bring your creative ideas to life. Start by building simple models using the instructions, and then, when you’re ready, move on to creating your own designs.

PIXIO-50 is the first set in our PIXIO® DESIGN SERIES.

  • PIXIO-50 DESIGN SERIES includes 50 PIXIO blocks that will help you transform simple shapes into recognizable figures.

PIXIO-100 is every child’s dream, ages six to one hundred.

  • 100 PIXIO blocks let you bring even bigger ideas to life. Now you can create one large 3D object or multiple figures at once.
  • 24 PIXIO blocks are all you need to model a 3D person. Grab another 20 red PIXIO blocks and create another shape — a red heart. Congrats! You’ve just used PIXIO-100 to create a real 3D story.

Age: 6+
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