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  • Mongoose Publishing RuneQuest: Glorantha - Blood of Orlanth

RuneQuest: Glorantha - Blood of Orlanth

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To use this supplement, a Games Master will require RuneQuest, RuneQuest Companion, Glorantha-The Second Age, Cults of Glorantha volumes I and II, and Magic of Glorantha.

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It starts as a journey down the Solthi River in pursuit of a thief. Orlanthi barbarians, imperialistic Wyrmfriends and even mysterious and power-hungry sorcerers of the God Learner Empire clash in their search for a mystic artefact, and the Player Characters are thrust into the middle of a sudden and ferocious war.

The legend og Orlanth the Martyr, almost completely forgotten, offers a pivotal stepping stone between the myths of men and the myths of dragons. To the Orlanthi it is holy. To the Empire of Wyrm's Friends it is blasphemous. To the God Learners it is power. Each faction struggles for the ultimate prize: the Blood of Orlanth.

Suitable for Player Characters of any faction, Blood of Orlanth immerses players in the unique world of Glorantha. This adventure shows off everything that makes Glorantha great, culminating in a full HeroQuest.

A man fights for his home. A dragon fights with fire. A sorcerer does not fight, but poisons with lies and spells. How will you fight for the Blood of Orlanth?

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