Smash Up Expansions

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Smash Up Expansions

Designed by Paul Peterson

  • New factions & bases


Monster Smash
Description:   New Factions:
Hide under the sheets! Monsters are coming! Smash Up: Monster Smash brings all the great horrors of the screen to your game of Smash Up. Can you master these horrifying factions to defeat your opponents? With new “power counter” mechanics, Monster Smash brings all-new excitement to your base smashing madness!  
  • Vampires
  • Mad Scientists
  • Giant Ants
  • Werewolves
Pretty Pretty
Description:   New Factions:
Pretty Pretty Smash Up brings the sweetest factions ever to the vicious fight for victory! Kitty Cats use their incredible cuteness to take control of enemy minions. Princesses ply their royalty, beauty and even their love to get their way. Fairies’ fickle tricks give you options like never before, while the herds of Mythic Horses work together for dominance. Get ready: your opponents will never know what hit them!  
  • Fairies
  • Mythic Horses
  • Kitty Cats
  • Princesses
Big in Japan
Description:   New Factions:
Smash Up is back after a vacation in the far east, and it brought all new factions like you’ve never seen before! Unless you, like, watch TV or movies, or read comics or something. But who does that?  
  • Kaiju
  • Magical Girls
  • Mega Troopers
  • Itty Critters
What Were We Thinking?
Description:   New Factions:

We really shouldn’t pick factions when we’re … tired.

Smash Up: What Were We Thinking is an eclectic mix of factions that we couldn’t talk ourselves out of adding to the game.

  • Teddybears
  • Grandmas
  • Rock Stars
  • Explorers
That 70s Expansion
Description:   New Factions:
That 70s Expansion celebrates all the greatest pop-culture memories from the Age of Aquarius! Put on your mood rings, bust out your leisure suits, spin that disco ball and put the pedal to the metal good buddy! The streets are mean, there’s a bear in the air, but the music is fantastic and everyone is Kung Fu Fighting!  
  • Truckers
  • Disco Dancers
  • Vigilantes
  • Kung Fu Fighters
World Tour - International Incident
Description:   New Factions:
As we rock our way around the globe we encounter the coolest, and most interesting people – and things! Our first stops take us to Mexico and the Luchadores, Canada and the Mounties, Japan and the Sumo, and France and the Musketeers.  
  • Luchadores
  • Mounties
  • Musketeers
  • Sumo Wrestlers
The above products are expansions for Smash Up. Requires a copy of Smash Up to play.
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