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  • Modiphius Space 1889: Core Rulebook

Space 1889: Core Rulebook

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Four worlds full of new adventures.

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All that Jules Verne could have written.
Everything HG Wells should have written.
Everything that Arthur Conan Doyle thought, but never published - because it was too fantastic.

In 1870, the American inventor Thomas Edison opened the way to the stars! Using the prototype of a ethership, he reached Mars and is the first man to step on the red sand of an alien world. He is the first of many people who are astonished to see the wonders of Mars and its inhabitants: the canals of Mars, built thousands of years ago, cities that were already old when on the earth the Sumerians built the first mudbrick, and Relics of old technology, the basics of which are long forgotten.

Other researchers followed Edison's footsteps and reached other planets. The misty swamps, oceans and jungles of Venus offer fantastic resources and bizarre creatures, dinosaurs especially. With great effort and despite the odds its reclamation and colonization is promoted.

Mercury also offers raw materials and primeval life. The twilight zone between a hot and cold pole is the basis for a future of fame and merit for daring explorers and engineers.

But even the most remote corners of the earth, the struggle of the colonial powers for power and influence, stunning discoveries and encounters with celebrities offer fun and excitement.

In Space: 1889's fantasies come to life, that Jules Verne, HG Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, H.R. Haggard and others have created: Classic adventure stories and science fiction adventures with a quirky and nostalgic tone. They are set in an age where faith is met by technology and progress, in a world in the light of gas lamps, under the power of steam, where are spreading the wonders of electricity and the ether, that is full of inventiveness and adventure

Space: 1889 is a sci-fi adventure game in a more civilized time. Often gentlemen discover adventure in the foggy streets of London as well as in the dusty streets of Syrtis Major on Mars. Also soldiers on behalf of their country, inventors testing their latest development, historians in search of the secrets of the ancient Martians, wild Venusian Lizardmen or proud Martian steppe warriors fulfill their missions, for influence and honor.

Core of the RPG system are the innovative, fast, and easy to understand Ubiquity rules that support both a fascinating history and stories of adventure and cinematic action.

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