The Rival Networks

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The Rival Networks

Designed by Gil Hova

  • Ages 13+
  • 2 players
  • 45 minute playtime
  • 2.25/5 complexity
  • Card Game
  • Economic
  • Area Majority / Influence
  • Card Drafting
  • Set Collection


You are the owner of a new TV network. All you have are three awful public access shows, a small amount of cash, and endless ambition. Plus, it looks like there is another new network in town, and boy, do they look like competition…

The Rival Networks is a standalone 2-player version of The Networks. It boasts quick, streamlined gameplay optimized for two players. It also comes with an “easy mode” that lets you play with people who might be intimidated by more complicated games. You don’t need to own or know how to play The Networks to play The Rival Networks.

The Rival Networks comes with all the Shows, Stars, Ads, and Network Cards you’d expect from The Networks, but remixed and re-imagined for an amazing 2-player game!


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