Wild Talents 2E: Core Rulebook

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Wild Talents is a roleplaying game built for suspenseful superpowered action. It features tremendously flexible and customizable rules for creating characters and powers based on the fan-favorite One-Roll Engine. Made famous in such acclaimed games as Godlike, Reign, and Monsters and Other Childish Things, the One-Roll Engine combines speed, detail, and danger. This is a superhero game that plays for keeps.

Wild Talents includes a deep alternate history of a world shaped by superpowered "Talents" since their first appearance in World War II, and a fascinating system for creating superheroic histories all your own.

First published in a limited edition that was sponsored directly by several hundred fans, Wild Talents returns in this Second Edition, improved after years of play and massively expanded throughout, witha ll new illustrations by Todd Shearer. Wild Talents is the game the fans demanded!

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