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  • Out of the Box Wildside


$9.99 $9.99 Excl. tax

Designed by Garrett J. Donner, Brian S. Spence, Michael S. Steer

Ages 8+
2-4 players
5-10 minute playtime
1.00/5 complexity

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"WILDSIDE™ – The Fast Reaction Dice Game. A dynamic dice game where all players roll specially designed dice, and race to find a match. Be the first to spot a match and win that round. Collect the most dice by the end of the game and win!"

Each of the 12 dice has two sides marked "wild" and four symbols. Players roll up to five dice onto their dice pads and look for matches with other players. If they find one, they quickly slap a card in the center (the "slam pad"). A match requires both a matching symbol and a wild side. Whoever slaps the slam pad first wins a die from other player. Penalty dice are taken if you slap the slam pad when there are no matches, and it is possible to win 2 or more dice if more wilds are thrown. When one player runs out of dice, whichever remaining player has the most dice wins.

Designer: Brian S. Spence / Designer: Garrett J. Donner / Designer: Michael S. Steer / Light Complexity

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