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  • Netrunner Store Championship 2015

    February 19, 2015

    We’re totally jazzed to be hosting a Store Championship Tournament for Fantasy Flight’s Android: Netrunner Living Card Game, which is coming up at the store on Saturday, February 28th 11am-10pm.

    As a premier tier event in Android: Netrunner Organized Play, the event will offer exciting, exclusive prizes for those who earn them – including Netrunner playmats, deck boxes, and more!

    Champion: The winner receives a Store Championship plaque and a card granting one first-round bye at a Regional Championship of the player’s choice.

    Top Four: The top four players each receive one Top 4 playmat.
    Top Eight: The top eight players each receive one deck box.
    Top Thirty-Two: The top thirty-two players each receive one alternate art card.

    The tournament will be played using Swiss-style pairings. Each player must bring both one Corporation and one Runner deck to the tournament. Players will play both decks against each opponent. The latest version of the tournament rules for the Netrunner tournament can be found here. Please make sure that you’re up-to-date on these before attending. Registration for the tournament opens at 10am. All players should show up with pre-filled deck lists to assist with a speedy registration. We suggest using the excellent CardGameDB for their deck builder, but any legible format will be accepted.

    Saturday, February 28th 10am-10pm
    Android: Netrunner LCG Store Championship Tournament
    Tune in, Drop out, and Plug in!

    Review: Age of War

    February 19, 2015

    Our Gotta-Play series is a weekly spotlight on particular games that we think are exceptionally fun and that we believe everybody should try, whether brand new or old classic. On every Saturday afternoon we’ll have a game laid out on one of our front tables, and we’ll be offering free demos and a chance for you to give it a shot. If you try it and find that you simply must have a copy, we’ll be offering a 10% discount on that title through the demo period. So it’s great way to build up your library of the very best games we have in the store – while saving a few bucks along the way! We’ll be demoing Age of War this Saturday, February 21st 1-4pm.

    Age of War takes the concept of a traditional dice game and turns up the volume. With added layers of strategy, fast and easy rules, and beautiful production, it’s a real winner. Set in feudal Japan during the rule of a weak emperor, you’re striving to conquer the many castles across the land and bring the country together under your rule. That would be easy if there weren’t other daimyos trying to do the same thing…

    Read more about Age of War!

    Review: Dungeon Raiders

    February 12, 2015

    Following in the footsteps of other great “semi-cooperative” games like Cutthroat Caverns and Munchkin, Dungeon Raiders is a card-based strategy game in which 3-5 players delve into dark and arcane passages to acquire gold and defeat deadly monsters. The objective is simple: survive the dungeon with more gold than the other surviving players. After all, you need them to stay alive. But making that happen can be very difficult when your companions are trying to throw you under the proverbial monster-bus.

    Read more about Dungeon Raiders!

    MTG Fate Reforged Game Day

    February 11, 2015


    MTG Fate Reforged Game Day Tournament
    Saturday, February 14th • 12-6pm

    Gamescape North is very pleased to be hosting another great Magic event this weekend, just in time for Valentine’s Day: MTG Fate Reforged Game Day on Saturday, February 14th.

    The main event is a Standard Constructed Tournament with an entry fee of $10.00. If you’re interested in attending this event, we ask that you please sign-up ahead of time, as we have limited space. You can do this in a number of ways: either by calling the store, sending an e-mail, or by dropping into the store in-person. There are 66 spaces available, so be sure to reserve yours soon! We ask also that you please arrive to the tournament an hour early in order to pay your entry fee of $10.00. Included in your entry will be the full-art Mardu Shadowspear Game Day promo card. The top eight players including the Game Day Champion also get a foil Supplant Form promo card. Finally, the champion of the day will also receive this exclusive Fate Reforged Playmat.

    The Standard Constructed Tournament will consist of one flight of entrants with the goal of the event to be completed by 6pm. Prizes will be given in the form of MTG Fate Reforged booster packs, promo cards, and some other nifty prize support that we have in the store. We regret that we will not be admitting players after 12:00pm SHARP. Please arrive as early as you can.

    Special Box Discounts

    As always, we’re offering 20% off the retail price on full boxes of MTG Fate Reforged. If you are in our Customer Rewards Geek Card system the points that you accrue on the purchase will also be tallied on your account. Individual boosters will remain at the standard retail price of $3.99.

    Review: Ticket to Ride Europe

    February 4, 2015

    Ticket to Ride is an entry-level Eurogame about resource management, objective prioritization, and figuring out your opponents’ hidden objectives. Players are contracted to connect strings of cities throughout Eurasia by an expansive network of railroads. Each player builds his own rail lines on a limited number of contracted routes, forcing contestants to generate and spend resources and to devise building plans without letting on his ultimate objectives.

    Read more about TTR Europe!

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