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  • December Designer Demo Days 2014

    December 5, 2014

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, it’s always nice to take a moment to enjoy yourself. What better way then checking out a new game? We’ve got you covered this year, like every year. While we’re stocking our store with a ton of great items for the holiday season, we’ve also organized a number of events in December at which you can meet the creators of some really awesome products right here at Gamescape. All through the month, we’ll be getting visits from a few local game designers and manufacturers who will have tables set up in the store to show you their wares. We’ll also be showing off a couple of our Holiday Gift Guide picks ourselves. You can give something new a try, learn a bit about the design process, or even get a game or two signed. Check out our featured designer visits and demos below and synch up your shopping days with our December Designer Days – and you can bet that we’ll have plenty of all of these in stock just in case you like what you see!

    Love Letter by AEG
    Saturday, December 6th 1-3pm

    Love Letter is a super-fun, inexpensive little card game that we think everyone should have on their shelves. If you don’t know about it already, now’s a perfect time to give it a shot. We’ll be running quick demos of all of the various Love Letter games through the afternoon so you can see firsthand what all the hype’s about. We’ll have a number of editions on-hand, including the recent Munchkin Loot Letter and one of the card game picks from this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, Letters to Santa!

    Peaceable Kingdom
    Saturday, December 13th 1-3pm

    At the forefront of the cooperative game movement for years, Peaceable Kingdom has a great mission statement: Make good, do good, be good! Using sustainable materials and working with independent designers and illustrators is only part of that mission. Focusing on cooperative games helps to emphasize play rather than competition is another important component. They strive to help build connection between players with great co-op titles for kids like Hoot Owl Hoot! and Stone Soup. And Fish Stix brings a perpetual smile to the faces of everyone who plays it. This year we’re very pleased to welcome Peaceable Kingdom into the store for an afternoon of great game demos.

      Qwirkle Trio Demo with Susan McKinley Ross
    Saturday, December 20th 1-3pm

    The highlight of the holiday season for us is the yearly visit from Susan to demo her latest game. Fans of Qwirkle, Color Stix, and Skippity will know that her games are elegant, easy to learn, and totally addictive. This year, Susan has brought us an updated version of her classic: Qwirkle Trio! Trio comes with the basic game and also two new ways to play using new game boards: Qwirkle Connect, which allows players to score bonus points by placing tiles on special spaces; and Qwirkle Select, where you can remove your opponents’ pieces from the board. Don’t miss a chance to meet the delightful designer of some of our favorite games in the store!

    The Game Doctor is IN!
    Saturday, December 27th 1-6pm

    Want to learn something you nabbed for the holidays but need some help with the rules? The Game Doctor will be on hand to help you out all through the afternoon! GSN invites you to come down to the store for a special learn-to-play event, where our staff will be on hand to answer any lingering rules or mechanics questions you might have about the games you got as prezzies. It’s free and fun, and represents part of what we do pretty much every Thursday at our regular Board Game Night. Don’t forget to book an appointment!

    The Best Games of the Year

    November 30, 2014

    You already know that we’ve got great game suggestions for you when you need them; we always look forward to the holidays as a time when we get to tell you about all the incredible stuff that has come out during the year. So once again, we’ve spent long hours playing and assessing a number of fabulous choices from a variety of categories that will help you decide what should go at the top of your holiday shopping list. It was hard work, playing all these games for you, but the results are worth it, and hopefully it will make your crunch time less crunchy.

    Click on the picture below to download a .pdf version of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, or you’re welcome to stop by the store for a glossy, lovely print copy to thumb through. And keep in mind that these suggestions are only the very tip of the iceberg. We’ve got you covered, regardless of what’s in the pink section this year. So don’t be afraid to give us a call or stop in and let us guide you in the right direction for the best games of the year!

    D&D Attack Wing Organized Play

    November 28, 2014

    Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing is a game of combat between mighty dragons in the skies with the support of fierce warriors and powerful wizards clashing on the battlefields below. Using the FlightPath maneuver system made popular with Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing, you must command your forces tactically to bring them into position and unleash fury upon enemy dragons and support. Land your arcane creatures on the battlefield to help with an assault and then take off again to fly over your enemy, but beware of the breath weapons of your opponent’s dragons! Build your armies by selecting your forces and then customizing them with powerful spells and abilities. Only one side can walk – or fly – away from the battlefield victorious!

    Gamescape is excited to announce our participation in the D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons campaign, which is the first six months of Organized Play supported by WizKids. The first event will happen on Wednesday, December 10th at 6pm, and will continue through May 2015. Each month will bring a new tournament with new prizes to be claimed by the victors. And at the end of the campaign, the overall winner will take home the grand prize, a colossal Tiamat figure that is absolutely awesome to behold!


    The first month’s prize is a Large White Dragon, and will be given out to the winner of the event on Dec. 10th. Come prepared to play with a 120-point force and all of your supplies from the Starter Box. You can find all the rules and details for the tournament at the WizKids website, and you can feel free sign up for the event using their OP system.

    In the meantime if you’d like a demo of D&D Attack Wing or even if you just want to check out the figures, stop by the store and we’ll let you get your hands on some dragons!

    Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons Month One OP
    Wednesday, December 10th 6-10pm
    The skies are raining fire!

    Review: Forbidden Desert

    November 24, 2014

    Forbidden Desert is the sequel to Gamewright’s 2010 co-operative hit Forbidden Island. While it brings many similar mechanics back to the table, it adds enough new twists to stand proudly beside its older brother and even surpass it in some areas. An average game will take 2-5 players around thirty minutes, and is generally easy to learn for ages eight and up.

    In Forbidden Desert, players take on the roles of characters within a hearty band of archaeologists who have crash-landed in a treacherous and turbulent desert while searching for a fabled ancient flying machine. Now their only hope of survival is to unearth and assemble the four parts of this great flying contraption before they, too, find themselves buried deep beneath the sand. Unfortunately the players have no idea where the airship or its pieces are, and the desert can be a very inhospitable place.

    I’m going to take a moment here just to say that Forbidden Desert does an excellent job instilling a sense of atmosphere with its theme and art. Choosing to forgo the bright candy-like colors of its predecessor, Forbidden Desert’s thematic production makes you feel adrift in a chaotic, sun-bleached desert; lost amidst the shifting dunes but for the dwindling strength of you and your team. As you set up the randomized tile grid that makes up the core of the game, you’ll look down upon the pale expanse in front of you and might even feel your feet sink a few inches into the sand…

    Read more about Forbidden Desert!

    Review: Splendor

    November 17, 2014


    The goal of Splendor is to become the most successful gem merchant in Renaissance Europe using a very simple mechanism of card-acquisition which represents mines, transportation methods, and artisans. It takes about five minutes to learn and a full game can be played in about 40 minutes to an hour. Overall, Splendor has a strong production value and its components are absolutely lovely – the gems themselves are represented by heavy chips that are amazingly satisfying to play with.

    To set up a game of Splendor, the development cards are separated into three respective decks. Four cards from each deck are placed face-up in a row, making a grid of twelve cards. This represents the different kinds of developments that each player must purchase in order to score prestige points and win the game. Each development shows its cost in some combination of colored gems. Each card also has the type of gems that it will produce once a player has purchased it. Finally, some cards will have a prestige point value in the upper left corner. The first person to acquire fifteen prestige points is the winner and the most successful gem merchant in Europe!

    Read more about Splendor!

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