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  • Review: Hanabi

    May 24, 2015

    Disaster has struck on the eve of a grand fireworks show and it’s up to you to save the day! Will your show be that of legend, leaving everyone in the audience speechless with stars in their eyes, or will everything fizzle out horribly? Hanabi is a cooperative card game that challenges the players to work as a team to sort out a mixed-up mess of rockets, powders, and fuses that was supposed to facilitate a beautiful display of fireworks.

    The object of Hanabi is to put together five fireworks of five different colors by making five series of numbered cards. Cards in the game have both a color that designates their firework series and a number displaying the order in which it must be played within the series. The five different colors of fireworks to make are white, red, yellow, blue, and green, and each firework series must display numbers ascending in order from 1 to 5 to be complete. Blue clock tokens set the game’s time limit and black fuse tokens are penalties. Players start with five cards (2-3 players) or four cards (4-5 players), and play begins with whomever is wearing the most colorful clothing.

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    Review: Fluxx

    May 14, 2015

    Fluxx is a fast and silly card game in which players attempt to be the first to fulfill a constantly-changing goal with constantly-changing cards while the rules constantly change around them. Looney Labs certainly chose an accurate name for this little gem!

    There are four types of cards in Fluxx: Keepers, Goals, Rules, and Actions. To win the game, simply enough, a player’s current Keepers must match the current Goal card that’s face-up on the table. Keepers are cards which are kept in front of each player; they might be things like Gunpowder or A Monkey, both of which would combine to fulfill the Powder Monkey Goal card. Another example would be The Sun and Chocolate, which combine to satisfy the Squishy Chocolate Goal. Goals require a combination of two or three Keepers that cause the player who currently has them to win the game. The winning conditions sound easy, but nothing ever stays the same for long in a game of Fluxx.

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    MTG Preliminary PTQ Qualifier Milwaukee

    May 7, 2015

    On Saturday, May 9th starting at 11:00am sharp, Gamescape North will be hosting a MTG Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for the Milwaukee Pro Tour Tournament held at the end of June. The competition will be tougher than usual, but the rewards will be greater – the winner of the event will receive an invitation to compete in the 2015 Regional Pro Tour Qualifier. The format is Modern Constructed, so dig out your best deck and get ready to play against the top players in the area.

    Saturday, May 9th 11am-10pm
    Magic: The Gathering Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier – Milwaukee
    Tap out your opponent and survive the Trial!

    Review: The Duke

    April 25, 2015

    The Duke is a fine example of a brilliant new twist on the old concept of two-player abstract strategy gaming. Taking deep inspiration from the classic chess-like model, The Duke comfortably maintains its own identity with a fascinating blend of customizable fantasy, stackable rules, and nearly limitless levels of modularity.

    Players take the guises of powerful dukes, as expected, who are vying for supremacy on a gridded playing field. Like chess, each duke attempts to outmaneuver his opponent using a diverse array of underlings (represented by wooden tiles), thereby securing control of the board. Also like chess, the capture of the opposing duke is the object of the game, and this can be a tricky feat to achieve depending on the resourcefulness of one’s opponent – and that of your own!

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    Blood Bowl Tournament

    April 24, 2015

    The fate of the world, be it damnation or salvation, will soon be decided. But before that happens it is time to play! For one day only, war is set aside for the glory of competition. This is the world of Blood Bowl!

    Only one sporting event can draw together the Elves of Athel Loren, the Humans of the Empire, the Orcs of the Green Horde, and all the other races of the Warhammer Old World. On Sunday, April 26th @12-6pm, Gamescape North will be hosting our first Blood Bowl Tournament in quite a while. Want to play in the greatest of all Fantasy Football Leagues? We’ll be running three games at two hours each, and interested coaches should bring a team worth 1.2 million GP. Entry is free!

    There will be some starting skill advancements, and re-rolls will cost double after the fourth time. Unpainted teams will give your fully-painted opposition a +5 Fan Factor, so get those teams uniformed and ready! No prizes are being awarded in this casual tourney, other than bragging rights (until the next game) and the favor of Tzeentch, whom we hear is a BIG Bloodbowl fan…


    Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Tournament
    Sunday, April 26th, 12pm-6pm
    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you,
    and hear the roar of your adoring fans!

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