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  • Blood Bowl Tournament

    April 24, 2015

    The fate of the world, be it damnation or salvation, will soon be decided. But before that happens it is time to play! For one day only, war is set aside for the glory of competition. This is the world of Blood Bowl!

    Only one sporting event can draw together the Elves of Athel Loren, the Humans of the Empire, the Orcs of the Green Horde, and all the other races of the Warhammer Old World. On Sunday, April 26th @12-6pm, Gamescape North will be hosting our first Blood Bowl Tournament in quite a while. Want to play in the greatest of all Fantasy Football Leagues? We’ll be running three games at two hours each, and interested coaches should bring a team worth 1.2 million GP. Entry is free!

    There will be some starting skill advancements, and re-rolls will cost double after the fourth time. Unpainted teams will give your fully-painted opposition a +5 Fan Factor, so get those teams uniformed and ready! No prizes are being awarded in this casual tourney, other than bragging rights (until the next game) and the favor of Tzeentch, whom we hear is a BIG Bloodbowl fan…


    Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Tournament
    Sunday, April 26th, 12pm-6pm
    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you,
    and hear the roar of your adoring fans!

    3rd Annual Bargain Basement Bash

    April 19, 2015

    For more than twenty years, a dark void has lingered in the lower dungeons of GSN, attracting glittering hordes of old stock and strangely arcane gaming items from all edges of the map. It is a golden trove of wonder, and very few brave souls have ever laid eyes upon it and survived to tell the tale. Once per year we open the portal and bring forth whatever the dungeon has to offer. The time has come again to carry these mystical treasures into the light of day. These are the lost items; the ones that never got a second chance. These are the lost souls that were relegated to the deepest dungeon. Now it is their time to be free…

    Riding on the success of the previous Bargain Basement events, we’re clearing out a whole mess of accumulated product from the Gamescape basement stores. Even WE don’t know everything that’s down there, but on Saturday and Sunday, May 2nd & 3rd, we’re hauling it all up and putting it out for our customers to dig through. This is your chance to delve into our forbidden horde of past products, old demos, dinged boxes, and heavy overstock from years past. There are scores of board games, miniatures and bits, and role-playing books galore. And all of it will be on sale, at extremely cheap prices.

    We’ve got so much stuff that it’ll take two entire days to even dig through it all, so we’re dedicating the entire weekend to clearing it out. We want your help! All day, both Saturday and Sunday during regular opening hours, we’ll have our back tables filled with goodies. For mere pocket change, you can dig into the venerable stock of the store – perhaps you’ll find something legendary!

    3rd Annual GSN Bargain Basement Bash
    Saturday, May 2nd @ 10am-7pm
    Sunday, May 3rd @ 11am-6pm
    Feast your eyes on our forgotten stores!

    Review: Battle Sheep

    April 18, 2015

    Battle Sheep is a light-hearted game where two to four players vie for territorial dominance on the grazing pasture. Players take control of their tokens, which represent herds of sheep, and move stacks of them around the hexagonal board to fence in their fluffy foes. At its core, Battle Sheep is an abstract strategy game (quite similar to Hey, That’s My Fish!) that has the ability to entertain many different age groups with simple but engaging gameplay. It’s a sheep-eat-grass world out there, so may the best herd win!

    Read more about Battle Sheep!

    MTG Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

    April 16, 2015


    MTG Dragons of Tarkir Game Day Tournament
    Saturday, April 18th • 12-6pm

    Gamescape North is very pleased to be hosting another great Magic event this weekend: MTG Dragons of Tarkir Game Day on Saturday, April 18th.

    The main event is a Standard Constructed Tournament with an entry fee of $10.00. If you’re interested in attending this event, we ask that you please sign-up ahead of time, as we have limited space. You can do this in a number of ways: either by calling the store, sending an e-mail, or by dropping into the store in-person. There are 66 spaces available, so be sure to reserve yours soon! We ask also that you please arrive to the tournament an hour early in order to pay your entry fee of $10.00. Included in your entry will be the full-art Scaleguard Sentinels Game Day promo card. The top eight players including the Game Day Champion also get a Thunderbreak Regent promo card. Finally, the champion of the day will also receive this exclusive Dragons of Tarkir Playmat.

    The Standard Constructed Tournament will consist of one flight of entrants with the goal of the event to be completed by 6pm. Prizes will be given in the form of MTG Dragons of Tarkir booster packs, promo cards, and some other nifty prize support that we have in the store. We regret that we will not be admitting players after 12:00pm SHARP. Please arrive as early as you can.

    Special Box Discounts

    As always, we’re offering 20% off the retail price on full boxes of MTG Dragons of Tarkir. If you are in our Customer Rewards Geek Card system the points that you accrue on the purchase will also be tallied on your account. Individual boosters will remain at the standard retail price of $3.99.

    Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Apocalypse

    April 11, 2015


    After Legion went back in time to kill Magneto and accidentally took the life of his father, Charles Xavier, the butterfly effect changed the history of both mutants and humans. In this alternate universe, Professor Charles Xavier is dead, Magneto’s dream is for peace between humans and mutants and Apocalypse is taking over the world. It’s up to you to stop Apocalypse and save the human race!

    We’re excited to announce our next Marvel Dice Masters Organized Play Tournament, which will be held on Sunday, April 12th 12-5pm.

    The tournament will be in Rainbow Draft format, and all the info for the event can be found here on the WK Events Page for our tourney. If you sign-up via this system, you can gain cool achievements and other prizes for participating!

    We ask that all interested players contact us or sign-up on the WES website, which will let us know if you’d like to join in. Entry to the tournament is the cost of 12 boosters, which are priced at .99¢ each, and we’ll have official Marvel Dice Masters prizes to give away at the event. This month features alternate cards for Apocalypse and Beast as tournament prizes!

    Important note: Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards. More info via the link above.

    Sunday, April 12th 12-5pm
    Marvel Dice Masters Age of Apocalypse Organized Play
    Beware the dreaded comic book retcon!

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