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As the Aeldari fell, so too did their ancestral gods, consumed by She Who Thirsts. All Aeldari know the tale of the Fall. Yet not all know that, when the Aeldari fled their doom, they took with them the seeds of Cegorach's vengeance. These individuals, the worshippers of the Laughing God, would find bloody purpose in the years to come.

The Harlequins are nomads, waging clandestine war against She Who Thirsts. These enigmatic beings do not differentiate between war and art, applying their lithe, inhuman grace to both without distinction. Every moment is a performance, and they perform their legendary masques with puissant skill, flair and passion –- their hallmarks upon the field of battle. Sinister, mysterious and mercurial, they wage a never-ending guerrilla war against the servants of the Ruinous Powers in the name of their Laughing God.