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Adeptus Custodes / Sisters of Silence

The Adeptus Custodes. The greatness of the immortal Emperor of Mankind runs in their veins, undiluted by the passage of aeons. They are to the Space Marines as the Emperor is to His primarchs, each a bastion in his own right and a sentinel of unmatched capability. 

For ten thousand Terran years and more, the Adeptus Custodes have stood watch over their lord and master, serving as the Emperor's personal heralds and praetorian bodyguard. Only now, as the threat of Chaos grows ever greater and takes its dreaded toll, does that gilded hand reach out and become an eagle's claw. The Custodian Guard are the talons of the Emperor unsheathed, and they will tear the corruption of Chaos from the Imperium no matter the cost.

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