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Powered by the Apocalypse

The Apocalypse World engine was first used in Apocalypse World. The game's flexibility, as well as open encouragement to create custom content by the creator, has led to a number of games and worlds based on the Apocalypse World engine. We've included the Forged in the Dark system which includes Blades in the Dark, Band of Blades and Scum and Villainy as the original Blades in the Dark was heavily influenced and inspired by PbtA.

Powered by the Apocalypse does away with a non-binary success/failure system. Instead dice rolls end in one of three ways: success, partial success or a miss. A partial success, means the character gets what they want but to a lesser extent or with consequences for their actions whereas a "miss" means the Game Master makes a move of their own, with negative consequences for the acting character. However, even with a miss characters still achieve some part of their original intent.

Powered by the Apocalypse also encourages shared world creation between the GM and players with everyone creating the world they want to play in together.