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  • Games Workshop Aeldari: Dark Reapers

Aeldari: Dark Reapers

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-A peerless long-ranged Heavy Support choice for your Aeldari army
-Includes multiple build options for the Exarch, as well as a Dark Reaper shrine
-Assemble either as 5 skull-helmed Asuryani or 5 bare-headed Ynnari warriors

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This kit builds one unit of Dark Reapers armed with reaper launchers, complete with their Exarch who can be built with a reaper launcher, shuriken cannon, aeldari missile launcher, or tempest launcher. The Exarch can be built holding a skull in their off-hand, and has a choice of four heads, while each Dark Reaper has a choice of helmeted or unhelmeted heads. Also included is a small miniature representing a Dark Reaper shrine.

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