Anachrony: Essential Edition

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Anachrony: Essential Edition

Designed by Dávid Turczi, Richard Amann, Viktor Peter

  • Ages 15+
  • 1-4 Players
  • 30-120 Minute Playtime
  • 3.99/5 Complexity
  • Strategy
  • Economic
  • Worker Placement
  • Sci-Fi
  • Variable Powers
  • Miniatures


In Anachrony, players assume the roles of the iconic Leaders of four ideological Paths, striving not only for the supremacy and well-being of their people but also their survival. With the foreknowledge that a large asteroid is heading toward Earth, they will plan for the coming impact and prepare their Path to aid in the evacuation of the World Capital, the last independent city. While each path will prove their resilience after the devastating impact, only one will become the home of the new, re-established World Council and the superior power on New Earth.

Anachrony is a competitive Euro-style strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world rebuilt along four different ideological Paths. The game is played through a series of turns called Eras, with past ones reachable through time travel later in the game. Players assume the roles of iconic leaders of the four Paths, striving not only for the supremacy and well-being of their people, but also their survival. After the fourth Era, an asteroid impact shakes Earth, threatening to destroy the World Capital, Earth’s last independent city. The Paths should prepare for the coming cataclysm, and when the time comes, take their part in evacuating the collapsing Capital. In the end, one of the Paths will be the new home to the reformed World Council, and lead humanity into a new future.

Discover a post-apocalyptic world in a dystopian future, where mankind stands divided but strives for survival together! Learn the history of New Earth and the discovery of time travel, dive deep into the ideology and culture of the four Paths, and meet their charismatic Leaders!
Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Anachrony by downloading the 'Art & Storybook' or just simply click on 'Learn more.'



  • 1x Main Board
  • 4x1 Player Boards
  • 25x Scientists
  • 25x Engineers
  • 15x Administrators
  • 15x Genius
  • 15x Neutronium 
  • 20x Gold
  • 20x Uranium
  • 25x Titanium 
  • 66x Victory Point tokens
  • 4x1 Player banners with plastic standee
  • 4x2 Time Travel and Morale markers 
  • 24x “1 Water” drops 
  • 4x1 Dual-sided Path boards
  • 4x2 Leader cards
  • 4x1 Player banners with plastic standee
  • 4x1 Dual-sided player aid cards
  • 4x6 Hex-shaped Exosuit markers
  • 4x2 Time Travel and Morale markers (+1x spare of each)
  • 4x8 Path markers
  • 4x9 Warp tiles
  • 4x15 Building tiles
  • 11x 
  • 6x “5 Water” drops 
  • 24x Energy Core Tokens
  • Mine pool cards
  • 3x15 Breakthrough tiles
  • 15x Collapsing Capital tiles
  • 9x “Hex Unavailable” tiles
  • 8x Endgame Condition cards
  • 16x Starting Asset cards
  • 1x Scoring pad
  • 16x Paradox tokens 
  • 12x Anomaly tiles
  • 18x Superproject tiles
  • 2x Research dice
  • 1x Paradox die
  • 1x Dual-sided
  • 11x Re
  • 9x Dual-sided Timeline tiles
  • 1x Impact tile
  •  Evacuation Action tile
  • cruit pool cards
  • Rulebook


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