Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove Adventurers

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Roleplay as intelligent animal characters

Bring cute cats and dogs to your next tabletop campaign! Designed to work with the fifth edition of the world's favourite roleplaying game, these adorable animal miniatures have taken on the roles of different RPG classes. 

From Dungeons and Doggies to Cats and Catacombs, each volume introduces adorable, preassambled minis compatible with any tabletop roleplaying campaign.


Cats of Gullet Cove:

  • Pearl, the gentle Tortoiseshell sorcerer
  • Denira, the ingenious Persian warlock
  • Coral, the thoughtful Savannah wizard
  • McCoy, the grizzled Norwegian Forest Cat ranger
  • Eduardo, the canny Tabby rogue

Dogs of Gullet Cove:

  • Luna, the thoughtful Labrador druid
  • Bartolomy, the gloomy Basset Hound bard
  • Roger, the exuberant Bull Terrier fighter
  • Zoe, the unshakeable Sheepdog cleric
  • Reximus, the honourable Doberman paladin
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