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  • Games Workshop Broken Realms: Kragnos(HB)

Broken Realms: Kragnos(HB)

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The thrilling finale of the Broken Realms saga
Experience the rise of a powerful new deity of destruction
New and updated rules for Gloomspite Gitz, Cities of Sigmar, Sylvaneth, Seraphon, and more

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In the aftermath of Teclis' retribution, the tide of death magic subsides in the mortal realms, allowing Alarielle to perform a powerful ritual to sow the magic of life upon them once more. But the new growth breaks open an ancient prison from which a forgotten deity emerges - Kragnos, the End of Empires. Aeons of captivity have boiled up his anger, so that he draws a path of devastation through Ghur and finally reaches the metropolis of Excelsis. Since she is already suffering from the disciples of Slaanesh, only an unusual alliance can prevent the city's downfall.

The Broken Realms saga comes to an end with the fourth and final chapter. The city of Excelsis is under attack by Gordrakks Waaagh and Kragnos himself, so it will take more than the return of a legendary Seraphon hero to turn the tide. 

In this 136-page hardcover book you will find:

- The story of Alarelle's ritual of life, how it awakened a forgotten god and how these events led to the epic siege of Excelsis 

- Scrolls for a number of new gods and champions - including Kragnos, the Twin aspects of Slaanesh's newborns, Warsong Revenants and the witch hunters Galen and Doralia ven Denst 

- New rules for Gloomspite Gitz, including three sets of allegiance skills, updated scrolls and more

- Even more new rules for Cities of Sigmar, Skaven, Beasts of Chaos and Sylvaneth. They represent the troops who participated in this story 

- Updated scrolls for Alarielle the Everqueen and the venerable Lord Kroak 

- Six exciting battle plans to relive the rise of Kragnos as a narrative campaign 

- Rules for Empires of Battles and Deadly Roads, which represent the locations from history