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  • Catan Studios Catan Classic (Base Game)
  • Catan Studios Catan Classic (Base Game)
  • Catan Studios Catan Classic (Base Game)
  • Catan Studios Catan Classic (Base Game)
  • Catan Studios Catan Classic (Base Game)

Catan Classic (Base Game)

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Catan Classic

Ages 10+
3-4 players
60-120 minute playtime
2.32/5 complexity

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Designed by Klaus Teuber

  • Ages 10+
  • 3-4 players
  • 60-120 minute playtime
  • 2.32/5 complexity
  • Economic
  • Negotiation
  • Dice Rolling
  • Modular Board
  • Network and Route Building


Welcome to CATAN! Since 1995, CATAN (formerly The Settlers of Catan) has been captivating players the world over. From board game newcomers to the most seasoned players, CATAN offers something for everyone.

The basics of CATAN can be learned in just minutes, but it offers enough depth to remain compelling as you explore strategies and tactics for years to come. The completely variable board provides great value through nearly limitless replayability. You’ll never have to play the same game twice.

Classic Edition:

Embark on a quest to settle the island of Catan! Start by revealing Catan's many harbors and regions: pastures, fields, mountains, hills, forests, and desert. Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and smart development. Gather resources (grain, wool, ore, brick, and lumber) to build roads, settlements and cities, and to buy development cards that will help you on your quest. Acquire your resources by rolling the dice and trading with others. But beware –  you never know when the wily robber might steal some of your precious gains!


  • 19 unique hexagonal terrain tiles
  • 6 coastal frame pieces
  • 9 extra harbor pieces
  • 20 wooden settlements
  • 16 wooden cities
  • 60 wooden roads
  • 95 resource cards
  • 25 development cards
  • 4 building costs cards
  • 2 special bonus cards
  • 18 number tokens
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 wooden robber pawn
  • Simple rules & almanac


Traveler Edition:

Was it too windy on the beach for a game of Catan? Was the table too small to set up the island? Were you unable to settle Catan because there were only two of you? Or did you always have to leave Catan at home because there was no room left for it in your suitcase? "Catan - Traveler" would have prevented all this from happening.

Key Features:

  • All of the game components fit in a case that occupies half the space required to store the "Catan"
    base game.
  • The game pieces are stored in drawers.
  • Roads, settlements, and cities have small pegs that allow you to securely plug them into the holes
    in the game board.
  • The two dice are stored in a dice shaker with transparent cover, which is why they practically
    can't be lost.
  • As with the "Catan" base game, besides completely balanced terrain hex distributions the compact version also allows for set-ups containing very few hexes of a particular terrain type, for example, mountains or hills.
Designer: Klaus Teuber / Medium-Light Complexity / Negotiation / Origin Awards Winner / Spiel des Jahres Winner

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