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Designed by Josh J. Carlson, Adam Carlson, Josh Wielgus

  • Ages 13+
  • 1-4 players
  • 90-180 minute playtime
  • 4.24/5 complexity
  • Exploration
  • Cooperative Game
  • Dice Rolling
  • Modular Board
  • Tech Trees / Tech Tracks
  • Tile Placement
  • Variable Player Powers


Cloudspire is an asymmetrical battle for dominance in the floating world of Ankar. Full of PvP, solo, and co-op options for play, Cloudspire merges several game genres to create a unique hybrid of deterministic combat, strategic kingdom building, and tactical movement never before seen in tabletop gaming.

Cloudspire features the industry-best components Chip Theory is known for, including one of the first ever modular neoprene game boards, our heavy unit chips, HD heat transferred dice, and PVC cards and reference sheets that will hold up to heavy play and spills without ever seeing the inside of a card sleeve.

With a full 16-mission solo campaign, Endless Mode for solo play, eight two-player co-op missions, and up to four-player PvP, Cloudspire is game that will see your table again and again regardless of your favorite way to play or the size of your game group.



  • 140 Faction / Upgrade Chips
  • 69 Health Chips
  • 39 Market / Landmark Chips
  • 8 Fortress Health / Source Tracker Chips
  • 8 Large Neoprene Isles
  • 8 Small Neoprene Earthscapes
  • 4 Neoprene Fortresses
  • 19 Dice (6 Attack, 12 Faction, and 1 Event)
  • 5 Dice / Chip Storage Trays
  • 44 PVC Cards (Events and Relics)
  • 5 Reference Sheets
  • 3 Books (Rulebook, Solo Scenarios, Cooperative Scenarios)
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