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  • Pelgrane Press Fear Itself 1E: Core Rulebook
  • Pelgrane Press Fear Itself 1E: Core Rulebook

Fear Itself 1E: Core Rulebook

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Prepare to face the darkness - Alone and naked, with only your wits to keep you alive!

Enter a world of personal horror with Fear Itself.

You are an ordinary person in a world of slashers, frighteners, and creatures of unremitting horror, forced by circumstances to fight back against the things that bump in the night - by confronting their darkest mysteries.

Fear Itself expands the GUMSHOE game with:

  • 7 optional Stereotypes to allow you to jump headfirst into the blood-spattered archetypes of the contemporary horror genre.
  • 11 hook-laden Risk Factors to ensure that your character heads down into that dark and dreary basement - when every rational instinct screams, <>
  • 7 new GUMSHOE abilities, including simplified, streamlined ability categories for amateur investigators.
  • 7 eerie optional Psychic Powers to give you a window into the world of the paranormal - one you may later wish desperately to close.
  • Sources of Stability: rules to keep you sane. For a little while, at least...
  • Scenario design techniques, for a game of personal horror, including Floating Core Clues.
  • Cutting edge techniques, for a game full of sharpened edges: Flashbacks, Directed Scenes, Cutaways, and more!
  • Bone-chilling tips for players.
  • An epic introductory adventure, Ocean in the Forest. You may never LARP in the woods again!

Fear Itself supports play styles from dark literary horror to slasher flicks.

Fear Itself uses the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system includes everything you need to run the game - it doesn't require Esoterrorists, though it can be used with it.