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  • Eagle-Gryphon Games Gangster's Dilemma
  • Eagle-Gryphon Games Gangster's Dilemma
  • Eagle-Gryphon Games Gangster's Dilemma
  • Eagle-Gryphon Games Gangster's Dilemma

Gangster's Dilemma

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Gangster's Dilemma

Ages 10+
3-7 players
30+ minute playtime
1.75/5 complexity

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Gangster's Dilemma

Designed by Adrian Adamescu, Daryl Andrews

  • Ages 10+
  • 3-7 players
  • 30+ minute playtime
  • 1.75/5 complexity
  • Bluffing
  • Card Game
  • Variable Player Powers


In Gangster's Dilemma, you play a gangster eager to satisfy the Mob Boss' demands. Each round, you will secretly choose to loot one of the city's hot spots, in hopes of eluding the cops, avoiding other gangsters, and grabbing crates, art, jewels, gin, and cash when possible. But the cops are on patrol at all times and they randomly search those same hot spots. If caught in the presence of another gangster, do you pay bribes to the cops, stay silent, or rat out your fellow gangsters? What a dilemma!


In Gangster’s Dilemma, each player starts with an identical deck of Gangster cards, numbered 1-6 in their player color. One player randomly starts the game as the Cop and receives the deck of Cop cards, numbered 1-6. The goal of the game is to be the first player to score 21 or more points by collecting the right loot to trade in and fulfill the boss’ demands.

Each round, players will simultaneously choose a location to visit by selecting 1 of their 6 Gangster cards and placing it face-down in front of them. The player controlling the Cop will play 2 of their 6 Cop cards in an attempt to arrest Gangsters at the chosen locations. If Gangsters visit a location where no cop is present they are able to successfully loot that location, gaining 1 of the indicated loot tokens from that location, and splitting the money on that location with any other gangsters who also visited that location.

If the Cop visit the same location as one of the Gangsters, the Cop will take all of that Gangster’s loot except for their cash. If there are multiple Gangsters at a location with a Cop, the Gangsters will have to decide if they want to talk, stay silent or bribe the Cop. If everyone is silent, they quietly split the loot and are on their way, but if someone talks, they rat out the other Gangster’s at that location. If everyone talks, they are all busted.

After resolving each location, players will have the chance to fulfill one of the boss’ 3 current demands as long as they have the right loot. Fulfilling a demand will get the player 4/7/10 victory points depending on how difficult the demand was to meet. At the end of the round, the player controlling the Cop will pass the Cop cards to the player to their left, and close down any locations the Cop visited without making an arrest. The game ends once a player reaches 21 or more points.



  • 42 Gangster Cards
  • 6 Cop Cards
  • 8 Character Cards
  • 6 Location Cards
  • 19 Boss Demand Cards
  • 7 Play Summary Cards
  • 7 Talk/Silent Tokens
  • 2 Closed Tokens
  • 72 Loot Tokens (24 Crates, 18 Jewels, 18 Paintings, 18 Gin Bottles)
  • 42 Dollar Tokens
  • Rulebook
Designer: Adrian Adamescu / Designer: Daryl Andrews / Medium-Light Complexity / Spy/Crime

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