Golden Gate Dice Cups in Presentation Case

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Regulation Cup Size: 3-7/8" tall, 3-1/4" diameter
Regulation Cup Weight: 0.4 pounds (each)

Presentation Storage Case for Two Dice Cups:

Size: 4-1/2" x 4-7/8" x 8-7/16"

Golden Gate Dice Cups

This elegant set includes two club regulation-size dice cups made from select oak-tanned "sole" leathers which are "skived" to a feather edge and curved into a circle with hand-stretched padded calfskin leather bottom. The special corrugated "noiseless" interior rubber liner keeps dice shaking quiet. The cups also feature leather trip at cup rim for reliable tumbling of dice. Weighted materials and heavy-duty construction make the cups feel good in the hand and strong enough to stand on. 

*Note: our dice cups do NOT include engraved brass plate as shown in product image.


Presentation Storage Case

This "work of art" is made from hand-selected American Black Walnut cuts native to the U.S. and Canada and specially designed to present and perfectly store your dice cups. The lacquered finish is sanded smooth and hand-rubbed with Danish Oil featuring eased corners and a refined finish to feel the raised subtleties of the wood grain. Each case is hand-assembled in the USA with extra-strong "splined" construction and brushed brass finishes. Both the inside bottom and underside of case is lined with a high-quality felt to from scratches and dings. This set and all it's components were designed to last a lifetime (or two) and are perfect for passing down to the next generation.



  • Includes 10 white diceand two burgundy velveteen draw-string pouches for carrying
  • Instruction book with dice games
    (Liar's Dice, Poker Dice, Boss Dice, and Ship, Captain and Crew)
  • Packed in an attractive gift box
  • Includes the Alex Cramer Certificate of Authenticity
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