"Hummingbirds" Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Themes: Birds
Pieces: 262
Finished Size: 10" by 14"

We present naturalist Ernst Haeckel's 1899 illustration of 12 hummingbird species as a 262-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle features a smattering of themed whimsy pieces by Seattle artist Maria Berg (to see example puzzle pieces, click the small picture underneath the big picture to see). The hummingbirds illustrated are: Ruby-throated, Horned Sungem, Crimson Topaz, Red-tailed Comet, Tufted Coquette, Sword-billed, Buff-tailed Sicklebill, Dot-eared Coquette, Omismy petasophora, Hooded Visobearer, Hylocharis stokesii, and the Booted racket-tail. This puzzle has a straight edge, but is a bit harder than average

Like all Artifact puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. This puzzle is packaged in a pine wood box. Made in USA (specifically, in Fremont, California).

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