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  • Ravensburger Junior Labyrinth
  • Ravensburger Junior Labyrinth

Junior Labyrinth

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Junior Labyrinth

Ages 5+
2-4 players
15 minute playtime

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Junior Labyrinth

Designed by Max J. Kobbert

  • Ages 5+
  • 2-4 players
  • 15 minute playtime
  • Maze
  • Racing
  • Modular Board
  • Network & Route Building


Shift the maze walls and move your ghosts through open corridors on the board in search of treasures. Whoever reaches a treasure first can claim it, but the corridors close up quickly as the maze walls shift, so it can take a few turns to reach a goal. It takes both strategy and luck to collect the most treasures and win the game.

Junior Labyrinth, the beginner's version of Labyrinth, is a maze with twelve different treasures waiting to be found within the paths of the labyrinth, which shift with every turn.

Thankfully, the players have some control over how the labyrinth walls move. Each turn, the active player takes the free labyrinth tile and pushes it along one of the rows or columns marked with an arrow on the game board. This action inserts that tile into the labyrinth and pushes the other tiles one space, shifting the walls of the maze and popping out a new tile to be used by the next player on their turn.

If the active player is able to move their pawn to a treasure, they claim that treasure card and a new card is revealed; if not, play continues until someone grabs that treasure.

Once all the treasure has been collected, the game ends and whoever nabbed the most treasure wins!



1 game board, 17 maze cards, 12 secret chips, 4 ghosts
Designer: Max J. Kobbert / Maze / Racing

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