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Designed by Steffen Benndorf

  • Age 8+
  • 2-5 players
  • 15 minute playtime
  • 1.12/5 complexity
  • Roll & Write
  • Educational
  • Dice Rolling
  • Math


The Fast Family Dice Game

This quick-playing dice game will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! Qwixx is simple to play but each decision is crucial - the more numbers you cross off, the more points you score. With no downtime between turns you’ll have a chance to gain from each and every roll. Just one round of this thrilling game and you will be caught up in Qwixx-fever!

Who would have guessed there’d be so many exciting twists and turns in such a small game? You'll love how all players are involved with every roll of the dice. With simple rules, fast decision-making and thrilling risk-taking, Qwixx is sure to become a dice classic!



  • 6 dice
  • 1 score pad
  • Rules of Play
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